Bruckner's Good to Go
We cater to individuals as well as corporations in need of 'quality calories' in a hurry.

Bruckner's Good to Go caters to individuals as well as to corporations in need of "quality calories" in a hurry. Our tried-and-true recipes are made fresh to order in the same amount of time it might take to order a fast-food meal. We are an owner-operated establishment and our commitment to quality is unyielding. Our goals are simple - they are yours!

Richard (Skip) Fertig
A native of Greenwich, Connecticut, Skip returned in 1985 to begin working in the natural foods industry at Organic Gourmet in Old Greenwich. Pursuing his love of fresh and wholesome foods, he further honed his skills and signature tastes during his time as a chef for the Sterling Ocean House, the Lime Café, and Greens El Dorado Bar and Grille.

Skip later rejoined Organic Gourmet by opening a store in Wilton, Connecticut, where he developed the concept of "quality calories". Using all organic soups, salads, and sandwiches in his Organic Gourmet's take out deli, he attracted such a loyal following that he sold Organic Gourmet in April 2000 in order to launch his current restaurant, Bruckner's Good to Go, in Greenwich. Since then, Bruckner's has won "Best Restaurant" two years in a row from the Small Business Association.