Turkey Pastrami:
low-fat turkey pastrami seared on the grill and topped with homemade coleslaw and melted swiss, served on toasted rye with dijon dressing — $8.95

Vermont Turkey Club:
seared pepper turkey, sautéed mushrooms, sweet onion, crisp bacon, melted Vermont cheddar, and our house dijon dressing on a grilled kaiser roll — $8.95

grilled oven-roasted turkey, coleslaw, melted swiss, and thousand island dressing on multi-grain panini — $8.95

grilled chicken breast, sauteed spinich and onions, melted mozzarella and low- fat honey mustard dressing on a multigrain panini — $8.95

Roasted Thai Chicken:
succulent chicken breast served warm with a spicy peanut sauce, organic long- grain and wild rice, lettuce, and tomato wrapped in a fresh flour tortilla — $8.95

Spicy Chicken Wrap:
sliced chicken breast prepared hot and spicy (buffalo style) with lettuce, tomato, and blue- cheese dressing wrapped in a flour tortilla — $8.95

Barbecue Chicken:
grilled chicken breast sautéed in a rich barbecue sauce, melted cheddar, lettuce, and tomato wrapped in a fresh flour tortilla — $8.95

breaded chicken breast topped with crisp bacon, american cheese, lettuce, tomato, and mayo on a seared kaiser roll — $8.95

Golden Palace Wrap:
chicken breast seared in a sesame-ginger marinade with roasted pepper, sweet onion, and long-grain and wild rice in a whole-wheat tortilla — $8.95

Bruckner's Chicken Fingers:
a large serving of chicken breast double dipped in our signature batter, cooked in 100% canola oil, and served with your choice of shoestring or sweet-potato fries and honey-mustard or BBQ sauce (both low in fat and all natural, but don’t tell the kids) — $9.95

Breaded chicken breast with crispy potatos, pepper jack cheese, lettuce, tomato and jalepeno peppers wrapped in a flour tortilla with a picante mayonaise — $8.95

Easy Jim:
Bruckner's all natural chicken cutlet in a fresh flour tortilla with ripe avocado, fresh sriracha mayonnaise dressing,a sprinkle of pepper jack cheese, crisp romaine lettuce and ripe tomato — $8.95

Bruckner's all natural chicken cutlet wrapped in a fresh flour tortilla with our mildly spicy peanut sauce, ripe avocado,aged asiago cheese and diced tomato — $8.95

All natural, shredded blackened chicken, black beans, pepper-jack cheese, sour cream, diced onion and diced tomato all in a southwestern tortilla — $8.95

Chicken Caesar Wrap:
chicken, green-leaf lettuce, and shaved parmesan tossed with caesar dressing and wrapped in a spinach tortilla — $8.95

Dieter's Delight:
all natuiral grilled chicken, roasted red pepper, shredded carrot, cabbage, onion, cucumber, lettuce, tomato, and low-fat honey-mustard dressing wrapped in a whole-wheat tortilla — $8.95

Chunky Chicken Salad:
large pieces of grilled chicken mixed with celery, red pepper, onion, shredded carrot, and cabbage wrapped in a whole-wheat tortilla — $8.95 (also available * curried or * southwest style)

Thai Peanut:
grilled chicken smothered in a spicy peanut sauce and a dash of mayo, packed with fresh vegetables, and wrapped in a whole-wheat tortilla — $8.95

Dixie Chicken:
grilled chicken, crisp bacon, shredded jack, avocado, lettuce, tomato, hot sauce, and a dash of mayo wrapped in a southwestern tortilla — $8.95

grilled chicken breast, crisp bacon, shredded vegetables, avocado, lettuce, tomato, mayo, and a splash of basil vinaigrette on multi-grain bread — $8.95

pepper turkey breast on rye with thousand island dressing, homemade coleslaw, swiss cheese, lettuce, and tomato — $8.95

Cape Cod:
maple-glazed turkey on fresh multi-grain bread with cranberry relish, mayo, lettuce, and tomato — $8.95

oven-roasted turkey, avocado, salsa, sour cream, lettuce, and tomato wrapped in a southwestern tortilla — $8.45

White House:
honey-baked turkey breast, avocado, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, sprouts, and honey-mustard dressing wrapped in a whole-wheat tortilla — $8.95

Bruckner's recipe shredded blackened chicken wrapped in a whole grain tortilla with our freshly prepared hummus, ripe tomato, avocado, organic baby spinach, and sliced cucumber. An explosion in every bite! — $8.95


Bruckner's Classic Burger:
Your choice of a half-pound Black Angus burger or our all natural turkey burger, fresh off the grill on a kaiser roll with lettuce and tomato — $8.95

Cheese Steak:
grilled flank steak au jus, sautéed mushrooms, onion, and american cheese served on a grilled baguette — $8.95

prime roast beef smothered in caramelized onion, melted swiss, and horseradish dressing on multi-grain panini — $8.95

Roast Beef Grill:
lean and juicy beef, sauteed mushrooms, sharp cheddar cheese, and roasted red-pepper mayo served on a grilled kaiser roll — $8.95

Steak Frites:
Braised, all natural, filet roast strips, crisp potato, grilled chilies, onions, tomato, arugula and Bruckner's steak sauce (contains mayonnaise and sour cream) all wrapped in a fresh flour tortilla — $8.95

Select from our popular burger sandwiches, make sure to select range fed beef or all natural turkey burger — $8.95

Bruckner's Classic Roast Beef:
prime roast beef, lettuce, tomato, and our signature horseradish dressing served on sourdough bread — $8.95

Mad Russian:
thinly sliced roast beef served on fresh multi-grain bread with swiss cheese, homemade coleslaw, lettuce, tomato, russian dressing, and salt and pepper — $8.95


shredded spiced pork, imported ham, grilled onion, sliced pickles, melted cheddar, mayo, and grain mustard on a grilled portuguese roll — $8.95

Picante Puerco:
Spiced, all natural pulled pork grilled and wrapped in a fresh south-western style tortilla with roasted corn, black beans, rice, salsa and avocado. — $8.95

Po" Boy:
Our 100% natural spiced pulled Pork, melted muenster cheese,BRUCKNER'S BAYOU DRESSING & coleslaw stacked on a grilled artisan baguette — $8.95

Ham and Swiss:
Nitrate free baked ham, Finlandia swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato, and zesty dijonnaise served on fresh rye bread — $8.95

Bruckner's BLT:
crispy bacon, lettuce, tomato, and mayo served on sourdough — $8.45 (also available toasted)

Nitrate free oven-baked ham on fresh sourdough bread with mayonnaise, grain mustard, bermuda onion, american cheese, lettuce, and tomato — $8.95


Tuna Salad:
white albacore tuna mixed with shredded cabbage, carrot, diced onion, pickles, and Bruckner’s signature dressing on fresh multi-grain bread with lettuce and tomato — $8.45

Blackened, wild caught Pacific salmon in a fresh southwestern tortilla with organic long grain and wild rice, Bruckners all natural Bayou sauce,sauteed sweet onion, sauteed ripe tomato and avocado — $9.25

Northwest Grill:
Wild caught pacific salmon filet wrapped in a whole grain flour tortilla with fresh spinach, arugela a sprinkle of orzo salad tomato and a dash of our pesto mayonaise — $9.25

Sea Wich:
Natural, fijord fished, breaded Icelandic cod fillets on a grilled kaiser topped with pepper jack cheese, sliced pickles, red onion, lettuce, tomato and our fresh tartar sauce — $8.95

Captain Crucnch:
Our all natural, icelandic breaded cod cake wrapped in a fresh whole wheat tortilla with crispy shoestring potatos, shredded jack cheese, lettuce, tomato, and Bruckners famous tartar sauce — $8.95


Bruckner's Grilled Cheese:
fresh sourdough bread with your choice of swiss, muenster, cheddar, or american cheese — $4.95

Lean & Mean:
all-natural veggie burger with 20 grams of protein topped with avocado, salsa and fresh mozzarella served on toasted multigrain bread — $8.95 (*vegan without cheese)

grilled tomatoes topped with fresh mozzarella and basil with a light balsamic reduction on a french baguette — $8.25

Quinoa Black-Bean Protein Wrap:
a hearty and delicious vegetarian loaf sliced and seared on the grill with roasted balsamic vegetables and fresh mozzarella in a whole-wheat tortilla — $8.25 (*vegan without cheese)

Roots Rap*:
Our high protein, baked falafil, a dash of hummus, lettuce, tomato, avocado and crispy diced potatos with a dash of vegan dijionaise dressing all in a whole grain tortilla. — $8.45

Atomic Veggie Wrap:
aged Vermont pepper-jack cheese, jalapeño pepper, avocado, house vegetables, spicy cajun mayo, lettuce, and tomato wrapped in a whole-wheat tortilla — $8.45

Avocado Club*:
shredded carrot, cucumber, cabbage, red onion, lettuce, tomato, avocado, whipped balsamic dressing, and a dash of vegan mayo served on multi-grain bread — $8.45

Sun Burger*:
a hearty brown-rice and sunflower-seed patty delicately seasoned and served with cabbage, onion, carrot, cucumber, sprouts, lettuce, tomato, and vegan tomato-basil sauce in a fresh whole-wheat tortilla — $8.45

organic tofu seasoned with curry, sesame tahini, chopped vegetables and pickles, lettuce, tomato, spices, and vegan mayo wrapped in a whole-wheat tortilla — $8.25

Barbecued Tempeh*:
marinated and seared tempeh layered with cabbage, carrot, onion, cucumber, red pepper, sprouts, lettuce, and tomato topped with a rich and flavorful barbecue sauce and wrapped in a whole-wheat tortilla — $8.45

Hummus and Avocado*:
jam-packed with vegetables, sliced avocado, and hummus wrapped in a whole-wheat tortilla — $8.45

Sliced hard boiled, natural eggs topped with aged Vermont cheddar, ripe avocado, house vegetables, lettuce, and tomato wrapped in a fresh whole-wheat tortilla — $8.45

aged pepper-jack cheese, avocado, house vegetables, lettuce, tomato, and stone- ground mustard wrapped in a tomato-basil tortilla — $8.45

Entrée Additions
baguette — $1.00; bacon — $1.00; cheese — 75¢; tomato — 50¢; sauerkraut — 50¢

Tex Mex

Fajita Wrap:
Build your from our list of delicious all natural ingredients — $7.25

a traditional filling of spiced rice and beans served with salsa and sour cream on the side Build your from our list of delicious all natural ingredients — $7.25

Build your from our list of delicious all natural ingredients — $7.25

Burrito, Quesadilla, Fajita Options:
Feel free to build from the list of all natural options: Blackened Chicken, Prime Beef, Pulled Pork, traditional chicken breast, avocado, tofu, jack or pepper jack cheese — $Varies


Bruckner's Salad*:
fresh mescaline greens, romaine lettuce, shredded carrot, cherry tomatoes, red pepper, cucumber, shredded cabbage, and olives — $4.99 small/$6.99 large

Vegetarian Chef's Salad*:
Bruckner’s Salad with baked tofu, Sun Burger, and grilled tempeh — $10.99 small/$12.99 large

Caesar Salad:
crisp romaine lettuce, shaved parmesan cheese, and seasoned croutons — $7.99 small/$9.99 large (add blackened chicken or grilled chicken $1.99)

Zest Salad:
Bruckner’s Salad with blackened chicken, avocado, walnuts, dried cranberries, gorgonzola cheese, and apple — $10.99small/$12.99 large

Chef's Salad:
Bruckner’s Salad with Black Forest ham, maple-glazed turkey, roast beef, hard- boiled egg, and shredded jack cheese — $10.99 small/$12.99 large

Build A Salad:
Build your own salad, choose your greens, vegetables and toppings, the basics are free and others will be charged accordingly. — $4.99 sm./$6.99 lg

Cobb Salad:
Bruckner’s Salad with grilled chicken, hard-boiled egg, crumbled bacon, avocado and gorgonzola cheese — $10.99 small/$12.99 large

Salad Additions
grilled chicken breast, * blackened chicken, chicken salad (*curried, *southwestern, or plain), tuna salad, avocado, tofini salad, or any of our deli meats — $1.99; bacon — $1.00; cheese — 89¢; egg — 50¢; vegetables — 75¢; croutons — 49¢

Salad Dressings
basil vinaigrette, sesame ginger, ranch, caesar, blue cheese, gorgonzola vinaigrette, oil and vinegar, thousand island, fresh lemon slices and olive oil, fat-free italian, and low-fat honey dijon (add extra dressing for 50¢ small/75¢ large)


Bruckner's Chicken Salad:
large chunks of breast meat, diced celery, red pepper, red onion, carrot, and cabbage tossed with mayo, grain mustard, and fresh herbs — $4.45 for ½ pint/$7.95 pint/$14.95 quart (also available curried or southwest style)

Bruckner's Tuna Salad:
shredded carrot, cabbage, red onion, and diced pickles with our secret signature dressing — $4.45 for ½ pint/$7.95 pint/$14.95 quart

Tofini Salad*:
curried tofu salad with carrot, cabbage, red onion, pickles, sesame tahini, eggless dressing, and spices — $3.95 for ½ pint/$6.95 pint/$12.95 quart

Red Beans and Rice*:
organic brown basmati rice, kidney beans, sautéed collard greens, diced carrot, and red onion with a japanese plum-vinegar dressing — $2.95 ½ pint/$4.95 pint/$8.95 quart (served warm or cold)

shredded carrot and red and green cabbage tossed in a sweet vinaigrette dressing — $1.95 ½ pint/$2.95 pint/$5.45 quart

Fresh Fruit Salad*:
fresh variety of seasonal fruit, melon, and berries — $2.95 ½ pint/$5.45 pint/$9.95 quart

French Fries:
scrumptious shoestrings cooked in 100% canola oil — $2.25 small/$3.25 large

Sweet-Potato Fries:
crispy sweet potatoes cooked in 100% canola oil and served with rosemary dipping sauce — $3.25 small/$4.25 large


chocolate chip or oatmeal raisin — $1.29


Jumbo Breakfast Sandwich:
available with your choice of bread, bagel, english muffin, or tortilla — $2.25 for one egg/$2.95 for two eggs (substitute egg whites for 75¢ each)

Breakfast Platter:
two eggs any style with toast and home fries — $4.95/$5.95 for egg whites

Huevos Rancheros Wrap:
spicy vegetarian chili topped with two fried eggs and cheddar cheese in your choice of tortilla — $6.59

La Cocina Labradora Wrap:
two jumbo fried eggs; Bruckner’s breakfast potatoes; melted american cheese; and your choice of ham, sausage, bacon, turkey, or chicken and tortilla — $5.95

Colombian Egg Wrap:
scrambled eggs and finely chopped tomato, onion, red pepper, and fresh cilantro wrapped in any flour tortilla — $4.25

Good Day Wrap:
egg whites, fresh sautéed spinach, onion, feta cheese, and hot sauce (spicy or plain) wrapped in your choice of tortilla — $4.75

Huevos Primavera Wrap:
two-egg omelet packed with fresh sautéed vegetables, avocado, and salsa in your choice of tortilla — $5.95

Light & Luscious Wrap:
scrambled egg whites, fried tomato, and fresh mozzarella wrapped in your choice of tortilla — $4.95

Organic Oatmeal:
made with milk or water — $3.25 (*vegan with water)

Bruckner's Oatmeal:
our favorite combination made with 2% milk, banana, raisins, cinnamon, and pure maple syrup — $4.95

plain, whole wheat, everything, or cinnamon raisin — $1.35

Fresh Fruit*:
fresh variety of seasonal fruit, melon, and berries — $2.95 ½ pint/$5.45 pint/$9.95 quart

whole-wheat, rye, sourdough, multi-grain, kaiser roll, portuguese roll, french baguette, multi-grain panini.

whole-wheat, plain, spinach, southwestern or tomato-basil

Breakfast Additions
ham, sausage, bacon, turkey, or chicken — 95¢; peanut butter — 95¢; cream cheese — 95¢; two eggs any style — $1.45; one egg any style — 85¢; strawberry, raspberry, or grape preserves — 95¢; maple syrup or honey — 95¢; banana, raisins, or berries — 75¢; cheese — 75¢; tomato, onion, spinach, mushrooms, broccoli, red pepper, or salsa — 75¢; avocado — $1.35; butter — 25¢; cinnamon or sugar — free


Fresh Fruit Smoothie:
made with organic soy milk, apple juice, and whey or soy protein - Mixed berry (Antioxidant), Strawberry and banana, Peanut butter and banana — $5.99

Naked Juice:
banana strawberry, superfood, pommegranite, super c, mighty mango — $3.45

Fresh-Pressed Juice:
carrot, celery, cucumber, beet, collards, spinach, tomato, apple,lemon, or ginger — $6.99

Pepsi, diet pepsi, ginger ale, dr pepper, diet dr pepper, cans or bottles — $

Tropicana Orange — $1.99

Coffee — $

Milk — $2.89 for 2% quart/ $4.29 whole half gallon/$3.79 half-and-half quart

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