Bruckner's Good to Go
Our diverse menu selections offer something for everyone.

Bruckner's Salad*:
fresh mescaline greens, romaine lettuce, shredded carrot, cherry tomatoes, red pepper, cucumber, shredded cabbage, and olives — $4.99 small/$6.99 large

Vegetarian Chef's Salad*:
Bruckner’s Salad with baked tofu, Sun Burger, and grilled tempeh — $10.99 small/$12.99 large

Caesar Salad:
crisp romaine lettuce, shaved parmesan cheese, and seasoned croutons — $7.99 small/$9.99 large (add blackened chicken or grilled chicken $1.99)

Zest Salad:
Bruckner’s Salad with blackened chicken, avocado, walnuts, dried cranberries, gorgonzola cheese, and apple — $10.99small/$12.99 large

Chef's Salad:
Bruckner’s Salad with Black Forest ham, maple-glazed turkey, roast beef, hard- boiled egg, and shredded jack cheese — $10.99 small/$12.99 large

Build A Salad:
Build your own salad, choose your greens, vegetables and toppings, the basics are free and others will be charged accordingly. — $4.99 sm./$6.99 lg

Cobb Salad:
Bruckner’s Salad with grilled chicken, hard-boiled egg, crumbled bacon, avocado and gorgonzola cheese — $10.99 small/$12.99 large

Salad Additions
grilled chicken breast, * blackened chicken, chicken salad (*curried, *southwestern, or plain), tuna salad, avocado, tofini salad, or any of our deli meats — $1.99; bacon — $1.00; cheese — 89˘; egg — 50˘; vegetables — 75˘; croutons — 49˘

Salad Dressings
basil vinaigrette, sesame ginger, ranch, caesar, blue cheese, gorgonzola vinaigrette, oil and vinegar, thousand island, fresh lemon slices and olive oil, fat-free italian, and low-fat honey dijon (add extra dressing for 50˘ small/75˘ large)